About Me

Hi & thanks for stopping by on my little corner of the internet!

'Esterella' comes from a mix of one of my nicknames 'Tere', short for Teresa and 'estrella' which is the Spanish word for star. I’ve always enjoyed creating things and being imaginative - stars symbolise this for me. As a law graduate, who loves to let my imagination run wild, I like having an outlet to design and create - this blog is a product of some of my creative adventures.

Esterella's Photos is where my blogging journey started. I wanted a place to be able share my love for photography with everyone, as well as experiment with my camera. This has now evolved into also blogging about lifestyle (esterella.co.uk), where I share honest experiences with an aim to help, inspire, motivate, and add positivity to the internet.

Here you will find photos (all taken by me) trying to capture the beauty in my surroundings. My photos are usually spontaneous and not always taken on a camera (I sometimes take photos on my phone). Feel free to flick through and I'm always happy to hear your thoughts!