November: Autumn Vibes

by - November 13, 2020

I went on a walk yesterday to try and clear my mind and as a way to destress. There is a lot happening in the world at the moment and also in my personal life. Taking my camera with me was almost like some from of therapy. A way to pause - to just take in my surroundings. Here are some of the photos I captured on my camera. Lots in the world is changing and different, and it can be hard sometimes. But it is nice to know that nature wise, things remain the same. The leaves still change colour and fall, the sun still rises and animals carry on as normal.

A solitary path with lots of autumn leaves and autumn trees. 


Flash from Canon camera illuminating a branch with green, orange, brown and yellow leaves against an out of focus dark backdrop. 

Path full of autumn leaves with a man in the distance. Autumn trees in the distance. 

Branches with red leaves with a perspective of looking up. 

Lake surrounded by autumn trees, also reflected in the water. 

Branch with reddish brown leaves taken from above against a background of other autumn leaves. Flash used to illuminate and accentuate the branch and create a darker background. 

Branch acting like an arch - views of autumn leaves and autumn trees. 

A bench in the centre with lots of autumn leaves on the ground beneath. An overhanging branch can be seen just above the bench. 

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